Worth the Drive


We know you might pass a few other church buildings on the way to ours.  While our location is beautiful, (located right across the road from Canoe Creek State Park,) we know it might be a little bit of a drive for you.  But our people drive from Hollidaysburg, Altoona, Duncansville, Williamsburg, and even Huntingdon!  Why? Well, it's a little hard to explain . . .

Maybe it's because it feels like family here.  Our people have a deep commitment to each other and to following Jesus locally and globally.  New people are cherished, and we are growing.  We come from all kinds of backgrounds; white collar, blue collar, highly educated to to those that struggle in math class, wealthy to broke. We aren't stuffy or fake. We laugh all the time. We cry a lot when someone is in trouble. You are much more likely to see someone in a Steelers jersey than in a suit and tie. Folks show up early to share a cup of coffee and talk.  We love to eat together, and have the best collection of cooks you have ever met!  There is a deep sense of that we belong together, in spite of the difference in our backgrounds.

 We know it may mean a little longer drive to visit us, but think it's worth the drive.  We think you will too.



A church is not a building.  A church is the group of people.  We gather together to help one another, love one another, and encourage one another.  Where we meet is just a building.  We call our building a “meeting house” because of this reason.  The church is the people.

We look forward to meeting you!